Harry's Stories - the Road to Recovery.

Stories to Help Make Children Feel Better by Alexander Gunningham.

Harry's Stories - the Road to Recovery are a collection of seven stories to Help Make Children Feel Better if they're ill or unhappy (suitable for all Children, both Large and Small, from the ages of 4 to 103 years old).


These stories feature two principle characters: a young boy Johnny (who has an unspecified disease) and his teddy bear called Harry. At night, in Johnny's dreams, the pair have several adventures together.

Their exploits take part in a magical land within the dreamscape, called Happy Valley. There Harry introduces Johnny to new friends, most of whom are other bears.

Each new friend has a message of hope and wisdom for Johnny, expressed in simple terms that the youngest child of average intelligence will easily be able to grasp. With each night's lesson and experience, Johnny learns to cope with his illness.

He also learns to relish every aspect of his existence and surroundings. He becomes stronger and wiser with each successive tale. In the final story, Johnny will have almost completely recuperated from his disease.

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There are seven episodes in Harry's Stories - the Road to Recovery.

The stories are written in a style that young children and older people will all find easy to follow. The sprinkling of magic throughout gives an enchanting quality. Each story is very easily understood and the healing will subliminally seep through to the reader or listener.

As well as helping the sickly child and elder co-readers or narrators come to terms with illness, the stories are intended to help people develop a Positive Mental Attitude and learn how to enjoy life more (regardless of their transient challenges, no matter how daunting their circumstances may appear at first).

Alexander was inspired to write Harry's Stories - the Road to Recovery after being diagnosed with Chronic Myeloid Leukaemia in 2002. He felt the need to create something that has lasting social value whilst still being entertaining. He was encouraged and inspired by witnessing the stoicism, cheeriness and braveness by his fellow Leukaemiacs and other Cancer sufferers on the children's and adults' wards at his local hospital.

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The book is also available from many U.K. bookshops and can easily be ordered from your favourite local bookshop via Nielsen. The digital version of Harry's Stories - the Road to Recovery is available from Apple App Store, Kindle (via every Amazon sales platform worldwide), FirstyFish, Barnes & Noble, Sony, Kobo, Flipkart, and many other digital book stores. You can also order Harry's Stories from any Public Library in Britain and Ireland via Nielsen Book Data (your friendly local librarian will be happy to help you borrow Harry's Stories - the Road to Recovery).