Auric Fusion is a new and very different label. We are full members of the BPI (the British Phonographic Industry – the UK’s trade body for record labels).

Our very first release was not music, but spoken word. Inner Peace Meditations by Sharry Clark is selling very well on Amazon, iTunes and many other digital platforms. It is also available throughout India and the Sub-Continent through our licensing partners there. It’s quite a coup to sell guided meditations recordings to India, which is the birthplace of meditation and yogic techniques. See

The next year will see Auric Fusion release new music in addition to more spoken word self-development titles.

Future musical releases will see some long lost gems from the British Psychedelic and DIY Punk eras. Contemporary artists from every continent will soon have albums released on the Auric Fusion label, too.

Our digital aggregators will shortly be joined by a major label licensing partner for physical releases. Despite all the justifiable enthusiasm for digital availability of recordings, 80% of British album sales remain in physical formats (this is mirrored in many other territories worldwide, too).

We intend to continue to have fun and break new and exciting music from all parts of the world to the global audience (whom have developed a very eclectic palate).

Vive la difference, as our French chums say.